What Would You Do if You Weren’t Thinking About Food?


People come to work with me initially because they don’t like their relationship with their bodies and they want to stop obsessing and feel free.

They are making choices from a place of fear and feeling constant frustration.

They are physically, emotionally and mentally drained from chronic dieting.

They are seeking love, acceptance, peace and healing.

Sometimes it feels like something is missing that they just can’t put their finger on but they are starting to realize it has nothing to do with their shape, weight or size.

People also come to learn about the science behind dieting and why it doesn’t work. They want to learn about Intuitive Eating instead. They are curious and looking for a change.


 What my clients learn is that there is nothing that needs to be accomplished outside of them that will magically lead to a feeling of lasting fulfillment and ease discomfort.

 The feeling of fulfillment comes from INSIDE and not out. However, there are many ways to re-connect with the inside while also exploring what lights you up on the outside.


How Can I Help?

I am a coach, mentor and teacher who has studied the science and psychology behind dieting so I could better understand my own behavior. I offer you the same information, tools and techniques that helped me learn to love and accept myself and my body, no matter what size.

How much of your precious and valuable time do you spend thinking about this one issue? Would you like to hear about a radical paradigm shift beyond dieting?

If you are not happy with where you are and you want to explore a transformative way of understanding your relationship with food and body, then I invite you to learn more about my Live Free or Diet™ coaching program. This is not about losing weight, this is about gaining confidence.

Live Free or Diet™ Coaching


Using the foundational principles of allowance, permission, trust and compassion I coach, mentor and teach women how to view life through a new lens and learn how to find peace with food and their bodies.

We explore what do you really want in your life and how do you want to feel? What seems to be missing? What have you been trying so far? What do you want to change?

 We start with talking about your body, but what you learn may change your life.

We spend time understanding what brought you to this moment in time. We explore where it is you want to go and who you want to become. We go as fast or as slow as you want to go.

We will lovingly disarm your inner critic and discover your inner wisdom.

This journey will be on your time and following your unique path, no one else’s.

Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready for a change and open and willing to explore what lies ahead with honesty and authenticity?

Boldness, courage and daring is also helpful, in addition to large heaping doses of patience and self-compassion and a good sense of humor.

Confidence and compassion. Presence and patience. Grace and power. Mystery and pleasure. Surrender and flow. Can you feel them wanting to emerge?


I am inviting you to a greater sense of freedom, personal choice, and permission to be yourself as well as the knowledge that you are already enough. You are worthy and not broken. Are you ready to discover how powerful you really are?

Work With Me


Maybe you have a few questions or you aren’t sure what you want to do? Email me using the form on my contact page and I’d be happy to answer your question.


Or if it feels right, sign up for a free 30 minute call where we will jump right and explore where it is you want to go. What is on your mind and how can I help?



This is where you can learn more about my private 6 month coaching program.

Saying yes to the 6 month program is making a commitment to yourself and declaring that there is something that you want to change and vowing to hold yourself accountable. You are the one who has to be ready to do the work.

Personally, I can’t wait to get started.

Wondering what it’s like to work with me?

KH 2018 cropped.jpeg

I came to Elizabeth full of frustration and fear. I knew diets didn't work for me, but I had no idea what to do next. She introduced me to body trust and intuitive eating. My life was transformed. I came out from underneath the weight of 40 years of dieting, diet culture, shame, and fatphobia. I even found my activist voice and started sharing the good news with my community. I'm free. I needed permission from someone who knew more than me, and I got it. Elizabeth made space for a lot of tears, self hatred, doubt, and ultimately, emergence. I will be forever grateful to her.

Kathryn Hecht, Executive Director, Alexander Valley Film Society

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