What Would You Do If You Weren't Thinking About Food? 

My program is for: 

  • Women who wake up thinking about what they ate the night before, and feeling dread and despair.
  • Women who let their scale dictate the mood of the day. 
  • Women who have been on more diets than they have been off, and still weigh more every year. 
  • Women who worry what everyone thinks of their appearance. 
  • Women who are afraid their size impacts their health. 
  • Women who would like to think about food and body less, and fun and freedom more. 

My specialties include: 

  • Offering support and guidance for women wanting to break free from feeling badly about their bodies.
  • Helping you if you feel like something is missing, and you wonder why you can't conquer this weight thing when you do everything else so well in your life. 
  • Providing information if you have questions about diets or bingeing or food and sugar addiction.
  • Exploring emotional eating. 
  • Navigating with you if you are confused by the advice that we are bombarded with in the media and online, about health and nutrition and exercise.
  • Decoding the messages that food and body are using to communicate with us. 

If you have tried Weight Watchers and Paleo and more diets than you can count, I can show you an alternate way of approaching food and body issues. 

My approach is sustainable and gives you valuable skills that you can apply to other areas of your life as well. 

If people in your life are always telling you to lose weight, I can support you in helping them understand that you don't need to lose weight to be healthy. 

I will provide you with a different lens to look at the world and together we will redefine what success means to you.  Are you ready? 

Live Free or Diet™: You have a Choice

How my coaching works:

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I provide a free 20 minute call to see if my coaching feels right to both of us. 

I coach clients biweekly for a minimum of 3 months.  (We can also make arrangements to meet weekly if needed and adjust the fees accordingly). Coaching sessions are on the phone, or using Zoom videos calls. We can also meet in person if you live in central Connecticut. The initial session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes each. 

Following each call,  you will get an email with a recap of what we discussed, recommended resources from the session and goals to focus on for the coming week.  Homework is discussed if desired. Email support is also available at times during the process, as needed. 

You are also welcome to join my private Facebook group for more support from myself and the other women interested in doing this work.

    Fees: I charge $200 (USD) a month for biweekly calls and $400 (USD) a month for weekly calls. Minimum commitment is 3 months.  

    I also offer a single 90 minute Q&A session in case you aren't sure you want to commit to coaching but you want to know more about self acceptance, body positivity, Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, books I would recommend, the Live Free Approach or Body Trust.  The fee for this is $150 (USD). 

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    Clients who have worked with me have said:

    “During our work together (Elizabeth) helped me gain insight and perspective on what was holding me back and provided me with the tools to do something about it. We mainly focused on the principles of intuitive eating and how my personal life was affecting a lot of what I was going through. I appreciated that Elizabeth always offered several different ways of going about change and recommended a wide variety of resources to supplement our meetings. I would recommend others to seek services from Elizabeth because she created a safe, trusting, educational, and supportive environment.” (Jess)


    “When I started working with Elizabeth, I was torn between wanting to love my body and hating my body. I didn’t realize how much I talked negatively about my body until Elizabeth asked me to pay attention to it. I learned that I have to be nicer to myself. I learned to listen to my body more carefully. I am looking forward to digging in deeper with what has already come to the surface. I would recommend anyone who is feeling torn or hopeless with their bodies to try working with Elizabeth.” (Aileen)

    Eating Disorder Disclaimer: If you are currently suffering from an active eating disorder, or think you might be, please contact a clinician who specializes in eating disorders. I coach women to help them understand their behavior around food but I do not treat active eating disorders. Click below for more information on eating disorders. 

    Binge Eating Disorder Association
    National Eating Disorder Association