Do You Want to Live Free or Diet?

Live Free or Diet™ is a 4 month transformative mentorship, coaching and educational experience. This experience combines the tools and teachings of the Body Trust® process, a registered trademark of Be Nourished, LLC., with additional tools and teachings from my experience as a Certified Intuitive Eating Facilitator, and a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. It also includes aspects of life coach training, adult development and somatic coaching and elements of counselor skill training based on the non-diet approach.

30 Minute Free Call
We will first get to know each other a bit with a 30 minute free call. You can ask any questions and I will explain more about the coaching process. My goal is to help you gain clarity in that 30 minutes so you can choose the next right path for you.

75 Minute Intro
Once we both agree to enter into a coaching relationship, I will send you an exploratory questionnaire that will help us both understand what truly matters to you and what your experience has been in the past with food and body. Then we will schedule a 75 minute deep dive session into your body story and set up the logistics and goals of our work together. How did you get to this moment and where do you want to go?

Body Trust® Private Coaching & Support


How often do we meet?

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly (your choice)

  • 9 individual 50 minute sessions

  • Total of 10 sessions including the introductory 75 minute session.

How will we meet?

  • That is up to you! I work with people all over the country and communicate by phone call or Zoom video.

  • Session times are flexible and we will find a time that works for us both.

How does this work?

  • Body Story Review: We start with a 75 minute call to review your body story. We look at the trajectory of your relationship with food and body over time so we can understand what brought you to this present moment and what has influenced your choices and actions.

  • Diet Culture Education: In addition to the latest weight science research, we study how diet culture has impacted your relationship with food and body so you can start to learn when diet culture is present and influencing your decisions and you can take back your autonomy in making decisions about your own body.

  • Alternative Strategies: We discuss the alternative approaches to your relationship with food and body. We will incorporate concepts from Intuitive Eating, the Health at Every Size approach®, and Body Trust® to help heal from obsessive behaviors and free you from preoccupation with food and body. This is where we will start to challenge old beliefs and lay the groundwork for new beliefs.

  • Paradigm Shift: This is where we put all the pieces together. We look at your story through the lens of diet culture and through the alternative approaches to taking care of our bodies. We then consider what life would look like using these new approaches and we choose new thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that will empower you to let go of behaviors that are no longer serving you.

  • Ongoing Practice and Support: We discuss how to truly embody this new way of being and trouble shoot what might get in the way of feeling free when it comes to food and body.

  • After each call you will receive a personalized summary of the call, including recommended resources.

  • You will also receive tools, handouts and suggested practices to help integrate the work.

  • Weekly email support is also included, as needed.

How much does it cost?

$310 per month for 4 months (USD) or paid in full at the discounted rate of $1200. All billing and payments are handled through Paypal.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to sign up for a free 30 minute exploratory call to help you decide what next steps are right for you. You have all the answers you need but sometimes we need a reminder!


Clients who have worked with me have said:

“I came to Elizabeth full of frustration and fear. I knew diets didn't work for me, but I had no idea what to do next. She introduced me to body trust and intuitive eating. My life was transformed. I came out from underneath the weight of 40 years of dieting, diet culture, shame, and fatphobia. I even found my activist voice and started sharing the good news with my community. I'm free. I needed permission from someone who knew more than me, and I got it. Elizabeth made space for a lot of tears, self hatred, doubt, and ultimately, emergence. I will be forever grateful to her.”

Kathryn Hecht, Executive Director, Alexander Valley Film Society

“During our work together (Elizabeth) helped me gain insight and perspective on what was holding me back and provided me with the tools to do something about it. We mainly focused on the principles of intuitive eating and how my personal life was affecting a lot of what I was going through. I appreciated that Elizabeth always offered several different ways of going about change and recommended a wide variety of resources to supplement our meetings. I would recommend others to seek services from Elizabeth because she created a safe, trusting, educational, and supportive environment.” (Jess)


“When I started working with Elizabeth, I was torn between wanting to love my body and hating my body. I didn’t realize how much I talked negatively about my body until Elizabeth asked me to pay attention to it. I learned that I have to be nicer to myself. I learned to listen to my body more carefully. I am looking forward to digging in deeper with what has already come to the surface. I would recommend anyone who is feeling torn or hopeless with their bodies to try working with Elizabeth.” (Aileen)

Eating Disorder Disclaimer: If you are currently suffering from an active eating disorder, or think you might be, please contact a clinician who specializes in eating disorders. I coach women to help them understand their behavior around food but I do not treat active eating disorders. Click below for more information on eating disorders. 

Binge Eating Disorder Association
National Eating Disorder Association