It's Not About the Food

For those who may be starting on an intuitive eating journey, or wondering what body positivity is all about, or thinking there is no way that I will ever like this body of mine so I am going to keep working on how I eat, I wanted to give you a little heads up.

It’s not about the food.

Wanting to control your body and wanting to control your food is the start of a much deeper, richer journey inward and ultimately leads to a growing awareness of a much bigger picture outward. The food piece is the doorway into this work.

This work is about discovering our true inner power and beauty. It's about being free and letting go of the tethers that hold us back from being ourselves.

This work is about inviting compassion and releasing judgment. 

It's about inviting love and letting go of fear. 

It's about connecting to what we value and letting go of external expectations. 

It's deep, it's raw, it's messy, it's life as a human being on this planet. 

It's also glittery and peaceful and satisfying in that "just right" kind of way. 

It's about learning to heed what your body is telling you and knowing that your mind is not the one in charge.  

It's about freedom and joy and challenge and growth. 

It's about resilience. 

It's about forgiveness and gratitude.

It's about consciousness and awakening and awareness and presence. 

It's about energy and vitality without the trappings of perfectionism. 

It celebrates individuality and uniqueness. 

It's about knowing we are all whole and complete beings and we are not broken and we don't need fixing. We may need some shaking up and some dusting off but the necessary parts are all there. 

I am humbled and awed to be doing the work of supporting women on this journey and I thank you for your trust and vulnerability when you share your stories with me. 

Are you ready to uncover what might be holding you back from feeling at peace with food and your body or are you curious and have some questions? 

I welcome any level of interaction that you feel ready for.  Send me an email if you have a question, or hop on a free 30 minute call.

If you weren’t trying so hard to control food and your body, what would you be doing today?

Photo credit: Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash.