Has This Ever Happened to You?

It’s 9 pm and you ate dinner a few hours ago.

Dinner was bland and unsatisfying but you are trying to be “good” and cut back on carbs, fats and sugar.

Just when you think you are going to make it through the day, the ice cream in the fridge starts calling your name.

But then the ice cream isn’t enough.

You end up spending the next hour rummaging through the fridge for everything with sugar that you can get your hands on only to wash it all down with a bag of potato chips.

You go to bed feeling nauseous and ashamed and wondering why this happens all the time.


Now imagine taking the time to prepare and enjoy a delicious and satisfying dinner, (with dessert or without depending on how hungry you are) followed by an relaxing evening of snuggling on the couch with your partner, pet or yourself. The ice cream in the fridge is no longer calling your name, and you forgot you even bought ice cream.


Are you ready to feel this kind of peace with food and your body? How would it feel to stop letting the scale dictate your mood, counting calories and worrying about whether you have been “good” or “bad” today?

What if you could learn to respect, appreciate and honor your body right where you are in this moment instead of waiting (and waiting) for it to change?

How do I know this is possible? I know because I was the woman digging through the refrigerator convinced I was addicted to sugar and that food would always be my enemy. Click the button if you want to hear more about my story.

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