Your Weight Does not Dictate Your Worth


Are you always trying to lose weight?  Do you wish you could control what you eat better?  Do you wonder why some days you are so “good” and some days you feel lost and powerless around food?

I used to feel this way too.  My turning point came when I stumbled across the radical concept of not-dieting and I started to read about people's experiences with food that spoke of freedom and allowance and peace. It took some time, but eventually I learned that there was nothing wrong with my behavior at all. In fact, it made perfect sense. The more I tried to control my food, the more my food was controlling me. I was not alone and neither are you. 

I am Elizabeth E. Hall, a recovering chronic dieter turned Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Facilitator and founder of the Live Free or Diet Approach to Wellness. I help women heal from obsessive thoughts concerning food and exercise.   My wish is for you to take the key that you've been holding in your pocket all along, and unlock the extraordinary power, value and wisdom that you possess, so you can feel good in your body and your life, starting now. 

Reclaim Your Personal Power

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Private Coaching

Do you want to reclaim your personal power and have more body confidence, energy, joy, and freedom? Do you want to feel peaceful around food?  If so, click here to learn how I can help. 


Community Support

This work requires mutual respect and support of others on the same path.  Click here to join a group of like minded women supporting each other in taking back their personal power.